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Market is Evolving, So is Marketing!
Gone are the days when marketing used to be a traditional way of taking your brand or business around the town.
PKD Nambiar
PKD Nambiar
(Chief Strategist)
The practice has now gone beyond the regular boundaries of your imaginations.

Come, let’s understand how the marketing needs and trends have evolved along with the market and today’s able and updated marketers.

Beyond Brand Building
The market leaders have gone way forward than just talking about their own business or brand name. They, now look for ways to accelerate the customer acquisition, boost engagement and add value to their names through
personalized communication, automation and intelligence tools. These tools help you with the relevant information about your target customer, establish stronger brand connect and eventually ensure better conversions.
Envisaging the Role of Marketer
The role and scope of work for the marketers has changed now. Earlier, the marketers were held accountable for just the creativity and brand awareness, but not anymore. They are now planning more diligently to ensure consistent returns on the investments and drive business outcomes too. Marketing has become the core of every company and customer awareness is now at the centre of communication strategy. Acquisition, activation and retention are now more important than ever, since the market is brimming with innovations and new information for the mind space of a customer, which is limited.

Brand Positioning in the Ever Changing Market
With a large number of brands trying to position them in the market and get registered in the customer’s mind; you, being a marketer, have to keep certain things in control. From not letting the brand identity diluted, ensuring the relevance and consistency over a period of time, achieving micro-targets from time to time and deciding the optimal number of target personas, the marketers today are ever more responsible to ensure better brand positioning and in turn better business bottom line.

In the current scenario, the market is changing every day. The need of the hour is to keep your eyes and ears open and keep up with the changing trends, better yet, find a communication partner that can add dynamism to your brand.

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